From our farm to your table with Love

We raise everything on our farm All-natural
No-GMOs, No Chemicals, No Antibiotics, No cruelty

Currently for Sale:
 Pasture raised whole chickens
Award Winning Delicious
Herb Infused 
Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
Spicy & Sweet Ghost Pepper Jams

Our Story - The City Mouse Dreams of the Country unfolds on our Farm News Page.  
Keep up with our progress and find out more about us and our plans,
Our Love of Farming, Fresh Healthy Food, Animals, and Natural Living.
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Pasture Raised All-natural Chicken:
Taste what a difference it makes when chicken get to live a life eating grass and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Now that the chicken industry has been exposed as the nasty secret it is, you can rest assured knowing where and how your chicken was raised and processed.
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Herb Infused Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (with mother):
Our Infused Organic Apple Cider Vinegar helps you to eat healthier. By infusing apple cider vinegar with herbs, organic fruits, and spicy hot peppers, we make it easy to include this healthy product in your diet (because it actually tastes good).

Apple cider vinegar has many 
health benefits (click here for more information). 

Compare our infused raw organic apple cider vinegar to the popular infused olive oils currently on the market, they have hundreds less calories and absolutely no fat. 
They also will keep in your pantry without refrigeration.   

Our vinegars are delicious in so many different recipes.

*Try them in salad dressings (the great taste enables you to use a lot less fat). 
*Make delicious marinades (vinegar breaks makes meats and veggies tender).
*Create tangy BBQ Sauce, brush it on while grilling, add it to steaming veggies,
or use it as a flavor enhancer in just about anything.

Compared to any other raw organic vinegar... it just tastes better!

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Ghost Pepper Jams:
Ghost Peppers, the hottest natural pepper in the world...
Topping one million on the Scoville scale (habaneros are only 200-350K)!
We grow them and then make cranberry, mango, and ghost pepper jam. 
Sweet, spicy, tangy, and delicious... they come in different heat levels ranging from:
"Just a Tingle" to "Just Shoot Me". 

Add some spice to your next party with ghost pepper jelly
over cream cheese with crackers.

Brush it on to give a unique twist to your meats.

Jazz up your morning with Ghost pepper jelly on toast.

Try it on fried shrimp, chicken fingers, or egg rolls.

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Gan Eden Farms
12073 193rd Road
Live Oak, FL 32060
(386) 776-1111

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Farmer's Market Schedule
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Saturdays 8:30am-12pm
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